My Funerals

“A safe time – a time to say goodbye to your loved one however you want.”

professionalism, empathy and individuality

Hugh is a highly and professionally trained independent funeral celebrant, who will devise and hold a ceremony that precisely reflects the life, beliefs and values of the person who has died. Trained by experienced funeral celebrants who are also funeral directors, they know what both the funeral director and more importantly the family require of them e.g. strict time boundaries, good liaison, professionalism and empathy in dealings with families, smart appearance as well as an excellent and individual funeral.

Over two thirds of people in the UK are neither formally religious nor humanist, but these are still by far the most common alternatives given for leading a funeral ceremony. Most people have their own personal mix of beliefs and values. Everyone is different. Hugh will work closely with the family to design an individual funeral, whether spiritual, agnostic, religious or atheist. Family and friends can participate to a greater or lesser extent if they want to – Hugh will produce a specially crafted funeral, one that is tailored to the requirements of the family.

An imaginative ceremony with heart & soul

Each green fuse trained celebrant respects each individual and will compose and lead a well structured and imaginative ceremony with heart and soul. What’s different about Green Fuse trained celebrants is our emphasis on working with each family to create a beautiful funeral ritual, that feels just right and honours the sacred moment. Hugh knows what makes a good funeral: appropriate words and music for each part of the ceremony whose combination creates a meaningful ritual. He has “presence”, has highly developed presentation skills and is experienced in liaising with other funeral professionals.

When you use a Green Fuse trained celebrant you provide the family with someone who will take time to visit, listen carefully, be open to ideas and inspire the family to create a funeral ceremony that is moving and memorable, to cherish always.

Hugh explains: “In talking to a family I quite often hear that ‘Mum didn’t go to church, but she was a believer,’ or they say, ‘Dad wasn’t a churchgoer, but he admired the principles and standards the Church represented’. What they are saying, in effect, is that whilst they wouldn’t feel comfortable with a conventional religious service, they would still like to sing a Hymn such as “All Things Bright and Beautiful” or “Morning Has Broken”. Maybe the family wish to recite “The Lord’s Prayer” or use the traditional words of Committal from the Church service. My Funeral Service can include as much religious content as is required – or none at all … It’s the choice of the family.

A sense of calm and completion

“For those people who want a religious ceremony led by a minister, lay or ordained, the established Church provides a well proven and meaningful service – and the back-up care they provide is second to none. However, there are also those people who think that when they die that’s it, there’s no afterlife and no chance of meeting up with loved ones. If that’s the case then my service will reflect that. Perhaps I’ll say ‘We hope that this journey continues to whatever lies ahead’. Perhaps we’ll admit that our loved one simply didn’t know what happens once the physical body has died. But whatever the situation, I’ll find a form of words, music, poetry and readings that are helpful to the family.

“My funerals are conducted with dignity, sincerity and integrity: I try to give the family a sense of calm, a sense of completion, a sense of having closed the circle. Hopefully the family will then be at a point where they can accept the loss and accept that their loved one is now in a better place, wherever that place is or whatever that state is.”

There are no hard and fast rules to obey – no restrictions. Often those left behind wish to speak or simply light a candle — that’s fine. It is a safe time – a time to say goodbye to your loved one however you want. And if I can help with the grieving process, then so much the better.”