About Hugh ....

Hugh is a well-known local family man who has always been an active member of the local community over the many years he has lived in Blunsdon. He left his successful career in TV engineering some years ago as he felt called to concentrate on pastoral care and community support.

More recently Hugh has worked in Penhill as a Community Worker and, as a Lay Minister in the Church, helped many families get through the grief of bereavement and loss.

He is keenly aware of the support and help a family need when organising and arranging a funeral and has conducted many such services in Church, Chapel, Crematoria and at the Graveside. In this new chapter of his life as a Funeral Celebrant Hugh has recently completed his studies with green fuse (www.greenfuse.co.uk) and is now fully accredited. Subsequently he is a member of the green fuse guild.

He started his independent celebrancy in December 2012 and has been in great demand ever since. Hugh is eager that the people of Swindon and the surrounding areas have the opportunity of providing their loved ones with funerals to cherish - funerals that are relevant, memorable and heart-felt.

About green fuse ...

green fuse aims to provide both the public and funeral professionals with the information and skills they need to help them to create funerals that reflect the life, values and beliefs of the person who has died, and to improve the relevance and standard of funerals in the UK.

A funeral can be something moving and memorable, something to cherish.

green fuse provides funeral directing, undertaking and funeral celebrancy to families in Devon and funeral training in celebrancy and arranging nationwide.

green fuse trained celebrants seek to place the emphasis on the individual person who has died and on personal self-expression. Unaffiliated funerals can be full of shared meaning. These expressions of spirituality and broad religious themes are less likely to exclude people from shared meaning than a standard Christian service.

The green fuse ethos ...

A funeral marks a significant event - the end of a unique life, the loss of a loved person, the crossing of a threshold. Imagine a singular event, created with care, weaving together the colourful strands of a life, to express the true nature of the person, giving voice to the loss felt by the community of all those who loved them.

The green fuse trained Celebrant will meet with the family in the comfort of their own home. They will take the time to listen to the family and friends in order to get a true sense of the person that has been lost and make sure that he or she takes centre stage for the last time, by composing a beautiful, individual ceremony that will be both the celebration of a distinctive life and the tender mourning of a loss.

The Celebrant can help the family to find readings and music and other personal touches to make the funeral special.

Hugh Milsom

A green fuse celebrant can help create a moving, memorable and beautiful ceremony that truly reflects the beliefs of the deceased and their family members.